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Interregional Transport Cooperative Society

C.I.T. is a cooperative between road haulage companies operating on the national and European territory.

Made with the most recent criteria in reference to regulations and respect for the environment, with structures designed to support the activity such as parking and services for drivers, storage area for dangerous and non-dangerous goods, as well as environments and structures dedicated to professional training of operators and related didactic support.

C.I.T. is able to satisfy any transport need, both for liquid goods in tankers such as:

  • Chemical and petrochemical products
  • Petroleum products
  • Resins, adhesives, additives


Both of solid goods with box vehicles:
  • Bulk goods
  • Palletized goods


Operational and administrative headquarters:
Via Fratelli Cairoli, n° 3
27015 - Landriano (PV)
Tel.: 0382/616901

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